X-T1 review

Testing out the Fuji X-T1

Recently I picked up the Fuji Film X-T1. It took me a long time to finally give it a try and I got to say I'm really impressed with this little camera. This will not replace my Nikons but it's close. The camera is small and compact I think it's perfect for street, documentary, wedding (most of the day) or everyday photography. It's not a workhorse like the big DSLRs but there is something refreshing about it.

It handles really well, it's light, focusing is relatively fast and the images are stunning. It takes a bit of time to get used to the viewfinder but after few hours you're good to go. Shutter wheel is on top along with the ISO and aperture is on your lens, simple but it takes a bit of time to make adjustments at first. The Wi-Fi is pretty sweet with the iPhone app, works really well, no issues there. I wish the focusing points could be more accessible, if you are used to DSLR's layout you are not gonna like this. I assigned a function button for them but it's another thing to press before you can move them. Really didn't like that. 

I got the 35mm 1.4 and 18mm 2.0 lens with it and love them both. 35mm is super sharp and the 18mm is almost like a pancake lens and almost equally sharp but has slightly soft edges but only if you pixel peeping. More on the lenses later.

So, yes this is an amazing camera and I see no reason why anyone shouldn't love it but it has it's limitations like all cameras do. I wouldn't shoot sports with it or if you are running around. The X-T1 will slow you down a bit and it will makes you think more before you click which I like. It has that film camera feel which is for some reason very popular now. I guess history repeats itself. 

Few images from a quick walk on a cold day.