Two 2x4 challenge.

1. You are allowed only two, 2x4s, 8-10 feet in length. 

2. No hardwood or any other wood may be used. Spruce or cedar is ok, pressure treated I guess is ok but I don’t see the point. 

3. 2x4s can’t be bigger than 3.5x1.5in. Standard box store size lumber. Not all wood needs to be used but minimum one 2x4 and no more than two 2x4s.

4. Mechanical fasteners are ok, dowels, metal hinges, screws, nails, glue etc.

5. Natural finish is preferred, such as stain, dye etc. Paint only to accent but not to cover the whole project. 

6. No CNC or laser cutters, hand tools and/or power tools only. You can carve, resew, bend, turn, whatever you feel like doing. 

7. Additional materials such as, knobs, straps, belts, any decorative accents are ok but should not be more than 10% of the final design. 

8. The only limitation here is your imagination so get your thinking caps on, don’t wait until last minute and deliver some fucking bullshit because you will be laughed at for years to come. You know we can be ruthless. 

9. Final pieces are going to be judged on, craftsmanship, creativity and design. 

10. The only reasonable Grand Prize is a 24 of your favourite beer sponsored by all the non winners, aka losers!

If you got any questions hit me up.


Deadline is May 24, 2018. We will meet up somewhere to show off our work.